Kayak Fishing Trip in New Jersey

Fishing as hubbyTo new visitors, New Jersey offers a wide range of both salt and freshwater fishing open doors for kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is a combination of wading, paddling, exploring, and surf fishing. With Kayak fishing in New Jersey, you will be able to hit the places where you have always dreamt about, where no other boats have gone.

Fishing out of a kayak is amazing as you tend to fish at your own pace and more deliberately, covering the waters much more conveniently than when using power boats and when you catch a big fish, you will be faced with a challenge of holding on to your hooks as the fish tows you around the waters. It is indeed an amazing experience that each and every one would like to enjoy. On my amazing kayak fishing trip in New Jersey, I noted the following:


Some of the most common Kayaks particularly designed for kayak fishing in New Jersey are Wilderness system tarpon 160 TI, Prowler 13’s from ocean kayak, and not forgetting the amazing “old school” favorites known as the Scupper Pro TW. These kayaks are easy to operate and can are suitably adapted for used in both seas and rivers.

Kayak fishing trips

New Jersey is highly populated with a lot of private heaps of property with no trespassing signs but you can still find some free areas for kayak fishing where you can freely start your adventure without infringing any laws. Free or public kayak fishing areas can found by doing a little research online.

Kayak fishing can either be done on salt or fresh water bodies in New Jersey. Sandy Hook Bays, Raritan, Shrewsbury as well as Navesink Rivers are some of the most common kayak saltwater fishing zones where you can find a wide range of fish including striped bass, weakfish, bluefish or fluke. fishing boat

The trips also include amazing tours to saltwater bodies where you can go fishing for large and smallmouth bass, pickerels, as well as other species of fish depending on the season and waters.

One of the most spectacular events is the catch, photograph, and release session of the trips. If you have your favorite kayak fishing location, you can also contact the kayak providers and they will definitely take you there.

Kayak tour rates

For a guide trip of about 5 hours on your own kayak trip, it will cost you between 200 to 300 USD, whereas a guided tour of the same time using a rented kayak would cost you slightly above 300USD depending on the Tour Company or organization. Kayak life jackets, paddles, flies, lures, and all other types are provided. You can also carry your own fishing tackles if you like. Additional kayak paddling equipment is also available at a given fee.

By reading through this article, I hope you have had an insight of what it means to go for kayak fishing in New Jersey. It time you save and plan for a fishing trip in New Jersey. I hope you will enjoy the fishing experience.

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