What To Look For Before Buying Wooden Boat

For a water lover, spending the day out in the ocean sounds like a dream come true. You get a chance to take in beautiful coastlines and share the wonderful experience with your loved ones. It gets even better if you are using your own boat.

However, very few boats in the market have the elegance of a wooden boat, which is becoming increasingly popular by the day. If you would like to purchase a wooden boat, here are few things that you may consider:


Wooden Boat ConstructionThis is the first thing you should consider before you buy the actual boat. You have to know where you will store your boat when not in use.

You can use a marina for storage, although it’s considered an expensive option. This comes in handy since you can easily access your boat from the dock. Moreover, there is shore power and water available for your boat while it’s docked.

If you cannot afford a marina, why not try out a swinging mooring? Reason being, it’s cheaper than a marina. A swinging mooring is a buoy, which is usually anchored to the ocean bed. You tie your boat to the mooring when it’s not in use. One of the major downsides to this is that it’s less convenient than a marina. This is because you’ll have to transport your boat to dry land using a dinghy.

Alternatively, you can opt to keep your wooden boat at home, in a trailer or a truck.

Is It New Or Used?

Did you know that most wooden boats in the market are second hand? The good news is, if you can afford it, it’s totally possible to order for a new boat.

Second hands boats may be already used, but they may give you a good price for the value. This is especially if you are lucky enough to come across one which has been well maintained and crafted of exotic hardwood.

For a new boat, opt for handcrafted ones if you want high durability and quality. Moreover, you get the chance to work with the builder, so that they can design a wooden boat with your specific needs in mind.

If you are good with your hands, why not build your own boat from scratch? Today, there are numerous designs made of plywood in the market.This trend has become increasingly popular especially with firms selling boat kits.

Are you buying alone or as a group?

Given that wooden boats are classics, they can be quite costly. Therefore, you may want to consider either purchasing one alone or as a syndicate. If you can purchase one individually without breaking your bank, then why not? Otherwise, get a few friends with the same goal and buy one that you can all use.

Terms Of Use

Before buying a wooden boat, you should know what it is you want to get out of the boat. Is your boat for day sailing or cruising on rivers? Do you prefer a sail or power boat?

River sailing is quite affordable and also convenient, especially if you are looking to buy a small boat. However, most people prefer sailing along the coastlines.

Another factor you might consider is the type of boat you like. If you want to experience nature, go for sail instead of motorboats, which are much more about speed, so much so that will not even get to take in the surroundings and breath in the air, because of the noise they produce, and diesel.


Wooden boats may be overly elegant and beautiful, but they require regular maintenance to preserve their condition. You can choose to take care of the maintenance all by yourself, which can be quite rewarding.

It’s a great choice if you are a DIY enthusiast, as you can take care of the painting, varnishing and replacing won out bits. Leave other technical tasks to a yard or a freelance built builder. However, you need to have ample time to attend to your boat and be patient as the maintenance takes time.

Another option is having the boat moved to a boatyard or shipwright during winter. Your wooden boat gets all the maintenance it needs, thus its ready for use during the next season.

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